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It is to good discover what our gifting are like, it is good to know our purpose, it is good that we have taken the courage to begin to work out on those God-given abilities, it is good that we have added effort to our gift thereby turning it to skill, it is good toContinue reading “IMPLEMENTING”

Running with patience

welcome to Success Stories. This is Japheth Greatness (Oguntoyinbo Yusuf). The title of today’s blog is RUNNING WITH PATIENCE. In today’s contexts, Running means taking steps, making effort, getting better and stronger, etc. Where as patience simply means hoping, expecting, believing, looking forward to a brighter future, etc. This is what most of us looksContinue reading “Running with patience”

Success Stories

Talking briefly about a man Thought to be a bastard by so many Born and brought up by straw spoon A man of Vision, Purpose A man of mockery, shame, reproach and persecution Seen as a mystery No one seems to believe in his vision and passion He was a man of little beginning ButContinue reading “Success Stories”

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